2023 Triple Crown/Primetime Summer Championships

Team Entry Fee



  • This is a Triple Crown event.
  • All games are on TURF fields.
  • 4 Game Guarantee. Open Tournament.
  • Pool Play followed by Bracket Play.
  • Games played at Romeoville High School on 2 turf fields and Inwood Sports Complex on 6 turf fields.
  • Trackman with video for the hitters will be on 2 fields
  • Stalker Radars with video for the pitchers will be on 2 fields
  • All tournament winners will receive a berth into 1 of the 4 listed tournaments, their choice.
  1. Triple Crown Fireworks/Sparkler - Denver, Colorado(TCS determines Placement)
  2. Triple Crown OKC World Series - Oklahoma City - during NCAA College World Series
  3. Triple Crown Summer Nationals - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  4. Triple Crown Super 72 - Illinois
  • All age group's with a minimum of 8 teams entered, the winner's will receive up to $1000 towards entry fee.
  • Berth's are good through 2024 season.
  • This is a "Stay to Play" event.